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Skynet Technologies holds an unmatched potential in providing full-scale and diversified Symphony services. Avail end-to-end Symphony services from our professional team of developers who deliver the best quality work at a rapid turnaround time.


Symphony CMS development

We render the best and remarkable Symphony CMS services to our clientele by bestowing a wide range of development services supported by our skilled developers. We are well-versed with the advanced tools and techniques of Symphony and also utilize a wide array of Symphony CMS components and extensions to scale your business. Our developers speed up the time-to-market by making the best use of inbuilt traits of the Symphony CMS framework.

Symphony CMS Development icon

Symphony CMS development


Symphony CMS Integration

Our Symphony CMS services encompass the integration of several other technologies with Symphony and also third-party services for enhanced functionality. You can integrate Google Analytics, Flickr, and a wide variety of third-party tools and keep Symphony CMS up-to-date to handle these. We are also experienced in reusing dependable plugins and you can be assured with the perfect Symphony integration solutions for your growing business.

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Symphony CMS Integration


Symphony CMS Migration

Most entrepreneurs seem to be apprehensive of migrating from one framework to the other. And if you are one, don’t worry, we are here to ease the migration process and make it look simple for you! Our developers have the dexterity to ensure a hassle-free migration from one CMS platform to Symphony with boundless extensibility. We assure a safe and secure data transfer by either doing it in parts or in entirety.

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Symphony CMS Migration


Symphony CMS Customization

Our Symphony developers hold the best caliber to meet the unique and distinct development needs of our global clientele. You can count on us for having a high-performance and scalable application and meeting all your requisites. With power-packed Symphony services, we make your application as user-oriented as you anticipated. We have prior experience in building the customized framework brick-by-brick or in its entirety.

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Symphony CMS Customization


Symphony CMS Plugin Development

Our developers specialize in Symphony plugin development services and render personalized experiences to our clients. We assist you in enhancing and expanding the currency functionality of your website by developing custom-made plugins from scratch. We make the best use of Symphony plugins and also create custom plugins. Plugin integration, development, and maintenance services are taken care of by our developers.

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Symphony CMS Plugin Development


Symphony CMS Theme/Template Design

We firmly believe that design is your silent ambassador that fascinates your users with feature-rich UI. We use the in-built themes available and also create custom form themes that resonate with the ethos of your business. We integrate the custom theme with seamless precision and also enhance the SEO score to convert better.

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Symphony CMS Theme/Template Design



RESTful APIs have been a hot topic in the world of web content management circles in recent years and it is ‘be all and end all’ in the field of APIs. Using this API, we have been providing tremendous flexibility and interoperability as the systems provide open interfaces for other applications to interact with them.

Symphony CMS Rest API icon



Symphony CMS Upgradation

Don't go obsolete. You need timely upgrades to keep up with the current trends, competition, and user expectations. We handle the technical aspects of your upgrade without any data loss. As Symphony releases minor versions and major releases periodically, we help with the upgrade promptly. An updated site has more chances of grabbing the user's attention.

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Symphony CMS Upgradation


Symphony CMS Support & Maintenance

We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services to our esteemed clients. We are supported by a brilliant and dedicated in-house team who assist you swiftly in debugging, conducting routine maintenance operations, seamless upgrades, and migrations. If you need any emergency support, you can rely on us as we offer round-the-clock availability to our clients.

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Symphony CMS Support & Maintenance

Breakthrough Symphony CMS Development to 
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No hectic coding

Minimal Coding! Symphony CMS is a dream for anyone who doesn’t want to rely constantly on developers. XML and XSLT are its backbones and also uses XHTML and CSS. If you do not have adequate command over these, dread not! We will help you build the early tiles by putting everything you need with the setup. Our elegant developers make the best use of its simple to read codebase and easy extensibility options to accomplish everything you want to have on your website and help you scale when you’re ready.

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As Symphony enables users to set up the basic features, our developers focus more on the advanced and core functionalities of the application. We focus our energy on how best we could use the discrete and fully-configurable components of Symphony. By leveraging the layered architecture with data, logic, and templates all being independent, we keep the overall product development customer-centric. The crux of Symphony CMS is fully utilized by our developers to bring ease of use of the application to the forefront so that our clients and customers find it easy to navigate.

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Incredible Customization

How about transforming a bare-bones system into a fully functional customizable website? The granular architecture of Symphony is easy to customize. With our Symphony CMS services, you get to experience the magic of out-of-the-box Symphony CMS features. We develop the applications exactly the way you want and which helps meet your business goals. We give weightage to our clients’ needs first, put a lot of thought before we build and work out the structure specifically suitable for them.

Symphony Highly Flexible icon

Highly Flexible

Symphony offers incredible flexibility and immense power to you as all the data is accessible as XML. The pages are also created using a W3C standard i.e. XSLT which lets you make changes the way you want. XSLT is one of the best options to manipulate the XML to enjoy tremendous flexibility. You can define the content types, structures, templates that will transform into multiple formats for the users. Regardless of whatever your requirements are, Symphony CMS is fully adaptable to creating complex applications with various functional features.

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Incredible Agility

One of the pull factors towards Symphony CMS is that it is extremely agile to roll with the punches to meet your specific goals. Our team would provide leverage on the Symphony’s modular architecture for rapid prototyping and development for you to kickstart your project and build it iteratively. We’ve had clients start slow and scale later with our Symphony services. If you need proper initial grounding and later develop as per your plan, we have the best possible resources and tools for the scalability aspect.

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Robust Documentation

Symphony is one of the easiest and flexible platforms available. It comes with detailed and comprehensive documentation that educates anyone including newbies. Our developers are some of the finest today who compounded their tech skills with the available materials. We are also part of the vibrant community sharing the knowledge resources. We imbibe the best practices in building your websites.

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Stronger Community

One of the key elements of Symphony’s survivability and longevity is its vibrant community. We are proud and excited to be part of the passionate group that spans across the globe. Being part of one of the largest PHP framework communities, we had a strong learning curve and our rate of innovation is phenomenal. We work on improvements, create new components, solve any unforeseen issues, and cooperate with each other.

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Symphony ensures longevity through a multitude of options- from having a vibrant community and facilitating long term support and maintenance. With the right developers, you can also scale your application and also test it for any routine updates. We also ensure stability by fixing any compatibility issues that arise during the version upgrades. With a competent team, you can ensure the sustainability of your app.

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Feeds and External Data

In today’s world, we see online content in many buckets like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and so on. Symphony CMS can take any feed like RSS, Atom, custom API output and helps you grab or distribute the content. We help you fetch API results from Flickr using the in-built dynamic XML data source. Bundle the external content with your website content using XML stream and transform your website into a new fangled one.

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Complex Websites

Access our Symphony services for building complex websites. We create faster and highly secure features for even complex applications. Be it a complex web page or a multisite application, with due diligence we get everything built from the ground up. By developing new taxonomies, our developers can help you manage and administer multi-sites. You can have complete autonomy over your website as we build your sections well and seamless interfaces for you.

Peerless Post-development Symphony CMS Services

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High-Performance Applications

A high-performance complex web application would be delivered to you. Who knows better than us how to utilize Symphony’s inbuilt features to speed up the development. We have the ability to optimize the performance, free up the memory resources, and accelerate the time-to-market period in delivering high-performance and robust applications.
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Saves Time

A stitch in time saves nine! With our Symphony CMS services, you can focus on the product development activities of your business. Our developers also focus on the reusability aspects of the CMS and also the shared resources in the community. The best part is you don’t have to reconfigure the complete framework to make any changes. We stick to our cardinal principles - faster turnaround time, high speed, little memory space while building a stable application.
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Get more by spending less. We reduce the development cost by efficient and clean coding practices. We utilize the resources better, levy lower maintenance charges, reduce control, and infrastructure prices. Having experienced and competent saves not just the day but you would see how unshaken the application would be in the long run.
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Flawless Design

A good UI design is more than the bells and whistles you put up on your website. We have successfully deployed flawless, minimal, and beautifully designed websites using the Symphony CMS. Our designers are creative and skilled who never took a backseat and have been contributing website designs that align with niche market demands to improve the interactions and layouts.
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Mobile Solutions

We are proud to be prudent and focus on futuristic solutions from the beginning. We understand how remarkable mobile responsive sites are in terms of conversions, visibility, and boosting up the business. So, we invest all our efforts in making sure that your projects are mobile-friendly and suitable for any screens. The users won’t have to whine about petty layouts on the mobile screens.
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Building Brand Identity

Building brand identity won’t happen in a flash. We have a competent team that has experience in building web applications resonating with your business brand. We understand that brand building is pivotal to garner and retain customers so we put in our diligent efforts in building compelling prototypes. Website landing pages, logo, infographics, everything under the design ambit is covered by our team.
Symphony Web Accessibility icon

Simple yet Powerful

Symphony keeps its core as lean as possible and any non-essential features split out as extensions. Your core is not bloated with too many extensions and features that may not even be required. So, your applications would be quite simple and if needed, we help you scale and evolve by working on the extensions that are required by you. We make the best use of this Symphony aspect to build the most fluid and responsive applications.
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Flexible Templating

We harness the power of Symphony’s XSLT that lets your presentation logic be in the right place. Using Symphony’s templating system, we let you publish in any format, control every single character, and maintain a clear distinction between your content and presentation. Leverage the power of XSLT and output the data in any format you needed. You can also manipulate the images on the fly by dynamically resizing and cropping the image versions.
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Symphony CMS is a versatile and open-source content management system that is based on XML and XSLT. It isn’t a rigid structure and doesn’t dictate silly URL schema. You can have your way with its tools.

There is no fixed price. The development cost entirely depends on the project's size and complexity. The total price depends on your requirements. Based on your expectations, we offer a fitting price quote.

Symphony has a free and open-source code. It is developer-friendly and safe for businesses.

We are flexible that way too. Our team will assist you in any application modifications. We also offer post-development services and you can sign a maintenance contract for any extended support and maintenance services.

Yes, Of course. We put our best design consultant who understands human behavior very well and anticipates the user expectations. With their intuitive minds, they could get a clear picture of various touchpoints in the customer journey. Accordingly, they prepare a Symphony redesign strategy that could reduce customer pain points and provide smooth interfaces.

Symphony is flexible and has modular frameworks. It makes complex web applications, easier to scale and build an application with enhanced features. Handling large code in a clean way is good for building big and complex projects.

Yes. We sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and strictly comply with it before the client avail of our services. We don’t disclose any of your information without consent and your project information would be under the warps adhering to the data protection measures. All our employees also adhere to strict confidentiality measures to nullify the unauthorized sharing of information and security breaches.

We provide varied pricing models as per your project requirements: - Dedicated Hiring - 100% dedicated developers for continuous development - On an Hourly Basis - To suit your ad-hoc tech needs, minimum monthly hours required. - Fixed Hiring - Fixed price and fix time projects as per your budget requirements Choose the one that fits your budget and project requirements.

We will complete the Symphony CMS Website development process and deliver it within a reasonable period. Often, we’ve surprised our clients by doing so before the agreed deadline. You can let us know your requirements; we would let you know the timelines.

We also follow an agile methodology to build your website and streamline the entire development cycle. Adaptive planning, continuous improvement, and implementation of rapid changes arise in on-going development.

Symphony usually releases minor versions every 6 months and major versions every two years. Our developers stay on top of the latest releases and updates.


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