Create an elegant and intuitive website structure for your business in real-time and rapidly share it to collaborate with your team or clients. Whether you’re planning a new website or redesigning a current one, with this flexible mapping tool, you can simply drag-and-drop and restructure the pages and subpages automatically.

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Build Interactive Visual Sitemaps with 
Our Powerful Features

Sitemap Builder has unique and powerful features that let you quickly build a
sitemap, customize it as you like, collaborate, and share it easily.

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Create Visually Simple Sitemap

Visualize the well-ordered structure of your website intended to go into your sitemap. Our easy-to-use visual sitemap builder makes it easy to outline, understand, and improve your website structure. Identifies the gaps and also suggests some structural improvements that can improve the search potential.

Multiple Sitemap Version

Build multiple sitemap versions at the same time with Sitemap builder. It will help you to analyze the current or future website’s needs and also helps you to keep track of regular updates done on your website. Accordingly, you could generate a new sitemap every day with new offers.

Drag and Drop Sortable

With the easy drag-and-drop option, you can easily reorder the pages and subpages in seconds. Just drag the page/subpage and it will restructure your sitemap automatically. You can easily test a variety of architecture scenarios to see which one fits the best. Streamline the mapping to produce a clean and professional site structure.

In-Place Editing

Quickly create and make changes to your sitemap. With this dedicated tool, you can make changes to the pages without any hassles through In-place editing. The naming of the pages/subpages has never been so easy. Just click on any element and edit it before you save the sitemap.

Undo and Redo

With easy editing options, you can quickly perform either undo or redo the changes to your sitemap structure. If you change your mind, you can easily redo the changes with just one click. Also, add new pages, rename pages, change page color, reorganize the pages easily. Your sitemap automatically adjusts as it grows.

Add Informative Note

You can easily add notes for each page and subpage on your sitemap. These notes are very informative and a great way to draw your readers’ attention. Adding such informative notes is highly useful and essential as they denote what type of page each cell represents on the sitemap.

Export Visual Sitemap

Once you create a visual sitemap, you can export it in PDF, HTML formats, and as a complete website. You can click on the export tab above your sitemap and choose the desired format. You can also choose additional parameters such as landscape, export without color, interactive notes, date, version, etc. that suit your needs.

Share A Sitemap with Team

You can share your sitemap with your team or clients in multiple ways via email, shareable link, or directly on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. You can use the PDF or Web Page mode when displaying it to all the stakeholders and even get immediate feedback from the collaborators in real-time.

Client Logos and Branding

Do you want to customize the sitemaps for your customers? Sitemap Builder allows you to add your customer’s logo and name for branding purposes. With the company’s logo and appropriate site color palette, you can make the sitemap look custom-made. You can also choose the best sitemap orientation - horizontal/vertical/family tree.

Profile Pictures

How about the personalization of your account? The lightning-fast sitemap builder allows you to upload the user’s profile picture for account personalization purposes. This helps in differentiating one account from another and makes the whole experience tailor-made for you.

Custom Cell and Font Colors

With Sitemap builder, you can also use custom colors for your pages, subpages, cells, and fonts as per your needs and website theme. You can also create custom color palettes to save and reuse. Make your sitemap look extra classy with custom colors for the text. These can help you stay organized and reflect your brand.

Automatic Page Count

Once you have created a sitemap for your website, you don’t need to count each page and subpage manually. This is not only tedious and time-consuming but also prone to errors. With the sitemap builder application, you will get the page count to eliminate any errors. This is highly beneficial if you are building a large sitemap.

Perfect Sitemap Builder with 
a multitude of Benefits

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Compact Sitemaps

No more fat and bulk sitemaps. You can cut away unneeded links that bulk up the site map and keep only the required ones to have an optimal look. A big sitemap with too many unwanted and redundant links would affect your credibility.

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Ease of Use

Create sitemaps and hierarchies for your business and for your clients with Sitemap Builder. Its ease of use builds interactive visual sitemaps in no time. Creating structured sitemaps has never been this easier.

Proper Clarity icon

Proper Clarity

Through informative notes, your visual sitemap offers great clarity. The pages and subpages are marked clearly and connected properly. This serves as a great visual aid and avoids the risk of confusion.

Easy to Navigate icon

Easy to Navigate

Say goodbye to a clumsy mess and hard to traverse the website. With our Sitemap builder, you can create clean and ordered sitemaps that help you to understand the navigation paths and even the developers to build the website flow properly.

Website Redesign icon

Website Redesign

Our visual sitemaps come in handy if you are in the early stages of design. Helps you to establish everything from general aesthetics to the navigation links to be implemented. Proper restructuring of the sitemap is easier if you are planning a website redesign.

Easy Content Planning icon

Easy Content Planning

Weed out the content that doesn’t fit you. With visual sitemaps, you can effectively lay down a solid foundation for effective content planning.

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Free Application

Sitemap builder definitely does your wallet a favor. An assortment of sitemap services comes at no cost! Leverage these high-quality services for free and get only the best for your website.

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One-stop solution

Caters to multiple needs of a website - providing a visual context for you and your team, serves as a starting point for your project build, Sitemap builder is the go-to solution that gives you an advantage over competitors.

Suitable for Every Applications

Sitemap Builder creates a sitemap swiftly and in an organized way. But who would be using these sitemaps? It’s simple - Anyone! But most of all here is the list of professionals who may benefit from using the sitemaps more than the others.

  • Content Managers icon Content Managers
  • Web Developers icon Web Developers
  • UI/UX Designers icon UI/UX Designers
  • Project Managers icon Project Managers
  • Sales & Marketing icon Sales & Marketing
  • SEO Specialists icon SEO Specialists
  • Freelancers icon Freelancers
  • Product Owners icon Product Owners


Many take sitemaps like a needless chore but it is pretty essential for any website. A sitemap serves as a reference point for you while building a project website. An organized sitemap could be vital for your website’s success by properly serving the purpose of showing a roadmap of your website.

Sitemaps are beneficial in a variety of ways – to easily present your plan among your clients and team members, easy to understand the navigation of website and more.

A visual sitemap helps you visualize the website structure and other necessary elements you want to design. You can have a clear roadmap early on in the process.

Sitemap Builder is user-friendly and convenient. It has a drag-and-drop editor with an intuitive interface. Anyone can use it seamlessly and manage to build a structured sitemap.

You can create a colorful, planned, and structured sitemap within minutes and share it with your team and clients.


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There are different types of following sitemaps.

  1. Visual sitemaps - For website planning
  2. XML sitemaps - For search engines
  3. HTML sitemaps - For website visitors

Sitemap doesn’t provide an option to change the orientation of your sitemap.

With Sitemap Builder, you can create sitemaps and share them with your team and clients. They would have a proper understanding of your web structure and reduce the confusion while building the website. All the stakeholders - developers, designers, content creators, marketers would have an understanding of the visual structure of your website and streamline the entire workflow.

No. You can get as vast as you want. There is no limit on the number of sections.

Sitemap Builder is useful for UI/UX designers, freelancers, developers, SEO specialists, Product owners, copywriters, marketing specialists, and digital agencies.

Yes, Of course. We have a strong team to provide custom application development, enterprise application development services based on your requirements! Request a Quote.

Yes, we offer extended maintenance and support services to make sure your web, app or mobile solution running smoothly! To know more, get in touch with us.