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As the search landscape is constantly evolving, Skynet Technologies has been offering tailor-
made white hat SEO services to give you the competitive thrust and out-hustle your
business rivals in getting more qualified traffic, leads, and conversions.


Keyword and
Market Research

Keyword Research is one of the cornerstones of SEO! Solid keyword and market research help to craft a strong SEO strategy and allows you to be prudent about the current projections. We help you discover more opportunities within your target markets and identify what the target audience is looking for, the seasonal demands, and how competitors are sketching out their strategies. With our keyword and market research provides invaluable data insights about the search, intent, and volume of search. Our strategic keyword and market research allow to widen your target audience with the right keywords. With proper implementation, you would have an airtight game plan on how to structure your content, blog articles, product descriptions, webpage copy, and more.

Keyword and Market Research icon

Keyword and
Market Research


Competitor Research

By understanding the competitive search landscape, you can lay a roadmap for your own strategy to outrank your competitors, carve a space in the digital markets, and build a solid customer base. You can instead understand what’s working for others who are already in your niche market and reverse-engineer the successful elements of these proven tactics into your own SEO strategy. We conduct extensive competitor research to help identify the areas where your website is falling behind the competition and identify the areas of improvement. From identifying the new keyword opportunities, relevant content, backlinks, site structure, user experience, social media leverage, we help you with various aspects and develop a creative SEO marketing strategy to uplift your digital presence in the market.

Competitor Research icon

Competitor Research


Website SEO Audit

As search engines rely on various elements to rank a website, performing a website audit gives you actionable insights to help you optimize your website and marketing efforts. We assess the various metrics like website health, traffic, errors (404, 301, 505, etc.), user engagement, user experience, setting a baseline to measure performance and functionality. We also resolve any security vulnerabilities and also any black hat practices that hinder your website performance in SERP results and save you from Google penalties. Our regular website audits help you to align with the best SEO practices and keep your business agile. We offer exceptional audits that help you grow online, improve your site traffic and performance.

Website SEO Audit icon

Website SEO Audit


On-Page SEO /
Technical Optimization

If you are building a website with us, we ensure technical SEO is baked into the process. On-page SEO refers to both the optimized HTML source code and highly engaging & relevant content. Our full on-page SEO service include Website Security/HTTPS, Mobile-Friendly Experience, Sitemaps, Website Speed Optimization, Metadata, Content Strategy, Schema, No-indexing and Redirects, Additional Site Condensing, Page Structure, Lead source tracking, AMP & more. Our team works on making ongoing SEO improvements, from technical tweaks to optimizations of newly added web pages. Technical SEO involves improving site speed and performance, security, mobile responsiveness, and more. It’s like fixing an engine before taking a car onto the highway!

On-Page SEO / Technical Optimization icon

On-Page SEO /
Technical Optimization


Off-Page SEO

While you put your heart and soul into on-page SEO, it may not be enough to yield the desired results. Off-page SEO is equally important and it embodies any efforts taken outside of a website to improve your search engine rankings. Link building forms one of the defining elements of Google’s search engine algorithms. We create a strategy to earn backlinks for your content which drives more traffic – both locally, nationally & internationally; and grows your business’ domain authority. Our off-page SEO strategy entails various promotional activities that include social bookmarking, viral blogs, forum posts, and more. Google also recognizes the high-quality backlinks which are adhered to white hat SEO practices and follow the Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird algorithms. This improves your user perception of your site, relevance and trustworthiness.

Off-Page SEO icon

Off-Page SEO


Local SEO

Even if you own a global business catering to a global audience, it is extremely crucial to invest in local SEO which is focused on making sure your local audience finds you on Google. With our local SEO services, you get found in your area. For instance, if you’re a service business like a financial planner, insurance brokerage, or an HR agency, then clients who are nearby can find you easily. We understand the importance of being visible in the local search results as it has a higher chance of conversions. Whether you are a dental supplies store, retailer, manufacturer, a hair salon, or a restaurant, we are hyper-focused on improving your visibility for the nearby/local searches. We are known for incredible local SEO strategies - tailor-made landing pages, contact info, structured schema markup, high-quality backlinks, location-specific content, third-party citations, social media & customer reviews. Our hyperlocal optimization measure will help you stand out at the right micro-moment when the prospects are willing to make a purchase.

Local SEO icon

Local SEO


International SEO

Businesses that are looking to expand their global footprint need to have an international SEO strategy. What works well in one region may not necessarily work in the other region and won’t be appealing to a global audience. Our approach to international SEO is to focus on improving the website structure and ensure that it’s optimized for the search results in different countries and regions. We start by estimating your potential in the target countries, analyze the competitive landscape, conduct international keyword research, localize your brand, then decide on the main technical aspects like server location, the right structure of your website, and ensuring the right hreflang implementation. We also optimize the URL structures for international sites, focus on the primary language of the region you’re targeting, tailor the content as per the target audience’s language and culture. Expand your business outreach to a global audience with our multilingual SEO campaigns.

International SEO icon

International SEO


Ecommerce SEO

The ecommerce business arena is a highly competitive space and one needs a proper SEO strategy. We optimize the product pages with engaging product descriptions, optimized images, secured payment gateways, and the best bottom-of-the-funnel experience to the website visitors. This reduces cart abandonment rates and drives sales. We also improve your organic search engine rankings with our advanced ecommerce SEO services. Our ecommerce SEO services are also powerfully loaded with the latest updates and trends in the market to meet the unique challenges of your ecommerce customers. We can help you make use of the readymade SEO plugins to captivate your visitors and turn them into buyers.

Ecommerce SEO icon

Ecommerce SEO


Mobile App SEO

With an explosion of mobile apps, there are higher chances that your app gets buried under an avalanche of similar apps in the Play store if it doesn’t have a captivating factor. As a traditional web search makes nearly one-third of how apps get discovered outside the app store, it is important to formulate a mobile app SEO strategy to improve visibility and drive more organic installs. Higher search engine visibility induces more app downloads. We also cover multiple popular platforms like Android, iOS, and Amazon and also work on the Play Store to exponentially increase the number of downloads. You can boost engagement with your target audience, build strong brand loyalty, and cultivate a dedicated base of retaining customers or clients by availing of our Mobile App SEO services.

Mobile App SEO icon

Mobile App SEO


Measurement &
Custom Analytics

Establishing a baseline of your website’s performance is essential for understanding the effectiveness of your ongoing SEO and digital marketing efforts. We report regularly, usually monthly on what we have achieved. To maintain transparency while working with you, we are proactive in sending you a monthly report of all the important data and results. We track everything from rankings, traffic, keyword changes, form submission, conversions, lost links, and more to show how your website can getting better. We will diagnose your Google Analytics data and send over a monthly report to keep you looped in on the success of your ongoing campaign. We can also integrate AI based predictive custom analytics tool! Once we measure the impact of SEO, we refine the strategy if required for SEO success, client retention, and perceived value.

Measurement & Custom Analytics icon

Measurement &
Custom Analytics

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Better Site Structure icon

Better Site Structure

Website structure is a vital factor in your SEO strategy as it lets the search engines where to find the essential content. As your website grows, it gets cluttered and becomes difficult for the search engines to crawl through the disorganized structure. We help you to organize the website pages in a clear and simplified manner. We remove the irrelevant content and also improve the internal linking structure so that it becomes easy for both the search engines and users to find the desired content.

Content Analyzation & Strategy icon

Content Analyzation & Strategy

Better insights lead to better content strategy. We sharpen your current content strategy by prioritizing the keyword research and find out the high search volume topics with lower difficulty. We also focus on content layering and optimal internal linking, understanding the link-ability options, and also regularly update the content. Through our content analysis, we determine the opportunities available for better positioning and garnering user attention through better search engine results.

Google Core Web Vitals icon

Up to date with Google’s Core Web Vitals

Google announce ranking factor changes to make the user experience in foremost priority. Google Core Web Vitals become the newest ranking factor, to see how your website’s performance is, how does it meet the criteria and what page experience it provides. We offer various SEO services that improve your SERPs and are quick to adopt any new changes in Google search algorithms. We could foster new perspectives about optimizing your website and act as a catalyst in helping you achieve your business goals.

Multi Language SEO icon

Multi-Language sites with International SEO

Are you aiming to mark your brand presence worldwide or Are you targeting audience at global level? All you want is the best service from international SEO agency to accelerate your global brand journey. From keyword research to multi-language support, We provide all-in-one SEO services. Get in touch with us to expand your business outreach at global level with multilingual alternate websites SEO!

Building External Links for your brands! icon

Build Strong Backlinks for your Brand!

You can gain more website authority & trust in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing, and others through the expansion backlinks. We identify the key blogs, directories, and more and follow a creative approach to get your website linked on external sites that drive the relevant traffic and boost your website authority. Building quality backlinks is not easy but we have expertise in building a healthy & trustable link profile for your content.

Increased Usability icon

Increased Usability

All the websites built by us score high in the usability aspects and user experience. Page speed, page size, responsive designs, improved performance, improved site navigation, easy rendering of the designs, and themes across multiple devices and browsers all impact your website placement in the search engines. We also identify the areas of improvements on your site that could have a good spin-off impact on the search engine rankings.

Increase customer acquisition icon

Increase customer acquisition

Nothing beats organic traffic as it is built on customer trust. Investing in a professional & experienced SEO team has a positive snowball effect on the website rankings, driving traffic, getting qualified leads, increasing sales, and business revenue. Especially with our local SEO strategy, there are higher chances of customer acquisition. With improved search engine rankings and optimized websites, visitors are more likely to become customers.

Smartest Marketing Investment icon

Smartest Marketing Investment

SEO has endless and long-lasting benefits. It drives unpaid traffic to your website and the only investment is to hire a professional SEO agency. Experience the multitude of benefits by turning search engines into the powerful avenues for generating traffic to your site, make your business visible 24*7, generate leads, convert visitors into customers, and many more. In today’s competitive digital space, it is important to invest in SEO services to cut through the noise and enjoy the incredible benefits.

Significant SEO icon

Significant SEO Boost with Structured data

Structured data would help to organize the information of your page while it’s rendering on SERP. Google use the data to your website links with enhanced features like Ratings, Reviews, FAQs, Maps, Products, Recipes, Sitemap Search Box, Breadcrumb, Events and more among qualified audiences; so they can quickly get what they want. We implement the structured data to increase the visibility, clicks and visits for your website.

UX Optimization icon

Landing Page A/B Testing for Better Performance

Landing page A/B Testing is the best multivariate way for user experience optimization, which can leads to sales increase and user engagement. We analyze the best online promotional strategies & marketing strategies with this method which can help to test everything from website copy to sales emails, newsletter to search ads. Get the best digital experience & make it out of box with complete landing page A/B testing strategy for UX optimization!

Exponential Business Growth icon

Exponential Business Growth

We have an expert Digital Marketing team who can implement the strong marketing strategies for your business. Our team of experts work on multiple strategies including Google Shopping, social shopping feeds, paid ads, omnichannel integration, email marketing, content marketing, AI chatbot integration and many more to accelerate your business growth! We continuously analyze and readjust or improve the marketing strategy based on result.

More Social Engagement icon

More Social Engagement

Social engagement from popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other channels drive the social media audience to your website. This improves the visibility of your content and thereby impacting the search engine rankings. We have been on the razor’s edge of social media marketing innovations for over a decade. We strive to help you build and foster relationships with the social media audience.

Tangible Business Results with Top SEO Service Company

  • Enhanced user experience
  • Get qualified leads through your website
  • Higher search engine traffic to your website
  • Top position of your targeted keywords
  • Increase conversion rate & click-through rate
  • Boost sales & ROI
  • Get your website on the first page of Google!
  • 24 x 7 availability for your customers!
  • Keep up-to-date with the latest market techniques
  • Increase Visibility & brand awareness
  • Long-Lasting brand impact & result
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Increase your social media followers, email subscribers
  • Global Expansion of your Business


SEO is the practice of improving the quantity and quality traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, and more. SEO focuses on unpaid traffic. The objective is to drive higher-quality traffic to your website. For more information, please contact us.

Off-page SEO refers to all the activities that are taken outside your website to improve your search rankings. These techniques help strengthen the influence and relationships your website has with other websites. The off-page SEO is related to high-quality backlinks as a large volume of links point to your website from relevant, authoritative sites. It improves your website’s reputation and authority as the search engines see that your website is an ideal search result.

Yes. Skynet Technologies is a certified Google partner. We have displayed tremendous Google Ads skills and expertise and delivered impressive client revenue growth. We also recorded a sustainably increasing client base.

Yes. It is mandatory for any website owner to focus on SEO if you want to build your own brand in the market, drive traffic to the website without any ad space, help the target audience find your site, boost credibility, improve user experience, and stay ahead of your competitors.

You can get in touch with our SEO specialist who would assess your requirements, business goals, based on which we share a monthly price quote with you. Please note that SEO is an ongoing service and you can’t expect immediate results. So we advise you to for a 6-month contract or beyond. For PPC campaign, you can either choose on-budget spending or hourly fees. For more information, Request free quote.

You can with a bit of know-how and trial & error. Although it’s possible to implement a basic SEO strategy across your website, it is time-consuming. Also, you need to consider technical SEO. Plus, you need to be updated with the ever-changing search algorithms. A professional SEO agency would be good at all the elements. Hence it is advised to rely on them.

We recommend you to set your sights on making effective use of SEO services rather than limiting to one aspect like keywords. However, it can be more effective to work with around 10-12 keywords that complement one another and help to keep you ahead of your competitors. Although, it would be depending on the size of your business. For more information, please request a free quote.

We do offer a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and comply with it before the client avail of our SEO services. We ensure that your information is safe and secure. All our employees also adhere to strict confidentiality measures to nullify the unauthorized sharing of information and security breaches.

Both are great and effective engines of traffic. However, AdWords is paid while organic traffic is free. SEO is not immediate like AdWords but would have long-lasting results.

It is a well-known fact that rankings are inherently unstable and cannot be guaranteed. But we promise the best inbound marketing strategy for your website. We optimize your website by complying with all the search engine guidelines.

Yes. If you require, we extend our services to blogging. We have a solid understanding of SEO and do strong research to narrow down on the most relevant content for your website. Our content team has strong adaptability and research skills who deliver on-time and highly engaging content.

Yes. We do offer the best white-label SEO services for your company. You can pass on your clients’ requirements to us. We follow a strict non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and your data passed on to us would be intact. You can rely on us for improving your clients’ organic traffic and search rankings.

It’s a myth that making a website ADA compliant affects the design thereby SEO as well. In fact, we merge both of them to achieve the common goals of driving organic traffic and improving conversions. If you require, we first identify the inaccessible areas on your website and make changes accordingly. Our ADA services in no way affect your SEO.

On-page SEO refers to the practice of optimizing the websites and individual webpages to rank higher and earn quality traffic in search engines. It refers to both engaging content and optimized HTML source code. Keyword optimization, image optimization, alt tags, headings, content optimization, meta descriptions, are some of the elements that could be looked into for a higher SEO score.

Yes. We offer all-inclusive SEO services that include keyword research, competitor research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, local SEO, ecommerce SEO, mobile app SEO, international SEO, and SEO audit. Our team follows a strategic approach to improve your organic visibility.

We specialize in on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, PPC. We also help you with local SEO, international SEO, mobile app SEO, Voice search engine optimization & more. For more information, please contact us.

SEO is bliss even for small businesses to stand out a chance to survive in the competitive market.

  • Boosts Inbound Traffic
  • Leads to More Customers
  • Higher Customer retention rate
  • Gains Customer trust and credibility
  • Fetches more business referrals
  • Increase Brand Value
  • Attractive ROI
  • Ultimately works as long-term investment

  • Website Visibility
  • Higher Search Rankings
  • Builds Domain Authority
  • Drive Organic Traffic
  • Create Better User Experience
  • Lead Nurturing and Conversions
  • And a metric ton more!

SEO uses organic strategies to appear in the search while SEM uses paid strategies.

Blogging definitely helps to boost your SEO only if it is curated to create engaging and relevant content. Search engines look at your content to make sure if they are any relevant in sufficiently answering the user’s questions. So, if you focus on high-quality and in-depth blogs that address the users’ pertinent questions, then you can establish your brand authority in the market.

There is no specific answer as there are a lot of variables involved. In addition to these variables that play a role in your website optimization, you also need to evaluate the same variables in your competitors’ optimization strategies. You can contact our SEO team who would provide you an affirmative.

Yes. We do follow international SEO practices - URL structures for international sites, multilingual websites, and tailor the content to your target audience’s preferences. If you want to expand you business at international level, Request Free Quote.

We are using some of project management tools like Asana, Trello, Slack or Basecamp where you can track the progress easily. We would also email the status of task, Weekly/Monthly Traffic Report, Goal Report, Customer funnel report, Keyword Ranking report on some regular basis; You can reach out to us either through email or skype. We facilitate face-to-face meetings as well if required.

We provide crisp and yet insightful SEO service reports -

  • Keyword Research & Current Ranking Reports
  • Competition Analysis Reports
  • Website Audit Reports
  • Task Summary & Planning Report
  • URLs comparison Report sand more.

Our SEO services include ecommerce SEO as well. We know how tough it is for an eCommerce website to survive and thrive. We have helped many of our ecommerce clients with SEO services to drive higher ROI to their business.

Yes. We do offer SEO, PPC, Google Shopping, email marketing, and more other digital marketing services for your ecommerce store. All of our marketing services are with the sole aim of improving your business visibility and reduce any bounce rates. We drive qualified leads to your ecommerce store through our digital marketing services to improve your conversions.

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Are you ready for better Digital Marketing? SEO changes fast; it comes with new challenges from algorithm changes to voice impacts as well! Whether you are looking for website SEO audit, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO, international SEO, ecommerce SEO, mobile app SEO, custom analytics and more, you are at the right place. We are a search engine optimization agency who have a well-established approach and ever evolved with the improvements over a time! Contact us today and let us know your requirements.

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